Friday, May 17, 2013

Change is the only constant in life

So it's been more than 5 month since I last updated this blog. Much has happened, most of it good. Here's what both of us have been up to:

1. Spent a week in December with the family in Kuching.
2. Checked on the progress of our home in Penang.
3. Went to KK for 4 days 3 nights. It was a first for the whole family. LOVED IT.
4. Started a new hobby. Well that's me anyway. Below is my new hobby; a doodle/zentangle I did for my mum on Mother's Day.

Zentangle is apparently not a new thing, you could google that for more info. What I love about it is how relaxed it makes me feel. It's just me and wherever my pen goes on the paper. I do look up photos on the Internet and Instagram for inspiration. There are no rules to doing it and there is no time limit. And that's what I love about it as my job requires meeting a lot of deadlines. Looking at the finished drawing makes me wonder, "Did I really do that?" as I've never drawn seriously like this before. I guess with a little bit of practice, anyone can do it. So a change in my hobby of reading does cheer me up a bit as I find reading gets a little bit wearisome at times. I'm struggling to finish Paulo Coelho's Manuscript Found in Accra and Sophie Kinsella's Wedding Night for the past month and that has never happened before. So I guess change is good. :)

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